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About The Track

Under the new management of Tony & Lisa Lorusso, Connecticut River Motocross will be expanding to provide racers and riders of all skill levels a place to practice. Improvements are constantly being made to better the tracks and with Tony in the seat of the dozer you never know what kind of jump or new section may pop up the next time you show up at CT River MX! Be sure to check the news page to see what changes and improvements have been made as Tony will be posting frequently.

The track has a new layout, that is slightly different from last year's design. It was re-routed a little bit in order to get full coverage from the newly installed irrigation system. There are many track obstacles that will satisfy all skill levels on the track. We have some small doubles, some big doubles, various tabletop jumps, and even a few triple jumps for the more skilled riders!

We also have a track for the mini riders in the corner section of the property. The track has a variety of easy obstacles for the little ones. Some jumps and bumps and a lot of corners to help them hone their riding skills. This track is currently being widened and will also have new obstacles to make it more challenging for the more skilled mini riders.

The aerial photos below will give you an idea of what the tracks look like here at Connecticut River Motocross. We are currently working on getting new aerial photos taken, so keep an eye out for those.

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